Berkshire Yoga Dance & Fitness

ONLINE - Lunchtime: Nia Technique / Mindful Aerobic Dance (45 min. via Zoom)
with Diane Firtell


October 21 (Wednesday)
at 12:00 pm (GMT-04:00)

Class length
45 minutes


Join Diane Firtell on Zoom for a 45 minute Lunchtime Nia class
every Wednesday from 12pm - 12:45pm.

Nia workouts are a revolutionary way to get fit the body's way; joyful, playful and a thoroughly enjoyable fitness experience. Charged by the sensation of pleasure and healing arts into a dynamic, motivating and sustainable practice Nia is effective for all levels of health, fitness, and experience.

This class is offered by donation on a sliding scale with a Suggested Donation of $10 per class.
Prior to reserving your spot in class please purchase a donation pass by clicking here.
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Can't make it at that time? No problem!
All of the online classes you sign-up for will be recorded and added to your Content Library in Punchpass so that you can enjoy them at your convenience any time that works best for you!!

If you have any questions or need assistance registering please contact us at
413-418-4001 or email [email protected]

About the Instructor:
Diane Firtell: 
(Nia Dance Fitness) Diane is a certified Nia Black belt and has been teaching Nia for over 23 years. She currently teaches classes at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, where she introduced Nia over 15 years ago, at Berkshire Yoga Dance and Fitness in Pittsfield, the Stockbridge Senior Center and Kimball Farm Rehab in Lenox. In Diane’s words “Through Nia I have reconnected with the joy of movement, the passion I have, and belief I share with others, for simply moving expressively. I’ve also noticed an immense increase in flexibility as I age. Nia has also allowed me to appreciate and even love my body. No small task! I also practice yoga which is a beautiful complement to Nia.”

When Diane is not teaching Nia, she is a working artist. She finds the holistic qualities in the practice of Nia, freedom of expression, playfulness and attention to detail, are qualities she brings to her art making. Reflecting on the two passions in her life, Nia and making art Diane says " I now spend all my time either making art or moving. I lead a truly blessed life.


It's simple to attend an online Zoom class from home!

Here's what to do:

  1. Create an Account or Sign-In
  2. Purchase Your Pass
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  4. Watch your email.  You'll receive a confirmation email that you have created a reservation and a note in your inbox about 10 minutes before class is scheduled to start with a link to the join the class.
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  6. Participate in the class online and enjoy!

Here are a couple of tips as you get used to this:
  • You won't see your instructor until they start the class on their sit tight until the instructor start the class.
  • Remember that the image will only be as large as the device you're using... so plan accordingly and use a device with a larger screen if you can.
  • We will open the virtual class about 5-10 minutes before the posted start time, so that students can sign on and settle in and say "hello"
  • To make sure that the instructors video is the largest video you see on your screen once you're in the Zoom meeting, click on Gallery View (top right corner of Zoom), hover over the top right corner of the instructors video on the blue square with three dots and click "Pin Video".
  • Right before we start class, students will be asked to mute their devices/the teacher will mute everyone but themselves, If you have questions, the teacher will be able to address them at the end of class.
  • During class you can communicate with the Instructor via the Chat feature.


When can I join the class? And, can I ask the teacher questions?
We will open the virtual class 5-10 minutes before the posted start time, so that students can sign on and settle in and say "hello". Right before we start class, students will be asked to mute their devices, as the recording might not work effectively if anyone but the teacher speaks during the class. If you have any questions, the teacher will be able to address them at the end of class.

Do other folks have to see me, or can I participate anonymously?
Zoom offers participants the option to shut off your video. We are going to ask that you DO mute your own audio, too, so that your space doesn't interfere with the class once it starts, especially if you're in a place where it might get loud.

Can I join a virtual class after it starts?
Absolutely, just enter the virtual classroom space quietly with your device on mute. Teachers will open the virtual class 5-10 minutes before the posted start time for a little meet and greet. Try to join us within a few minutes before the start of a virtual class to say "hello" :)

Can I use a tablet or smartphone?
Yes, Zoom has apps for these devices, too, that you can download and sign in on. 

We can't wait to see you online!!


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