GOLD Membership
$119 per month ($14.88 per class)
Planning to join us about twice a week?
This is the membership for you!
~ 8 classes per month
~ Outdoor or Online

Member Benefits:
~ 10% off Workshops & Special Events
~ 25% off Additional Drop-in Passes
~ No enrollment fee
~ No Commitment: change, pause or cancel at any time with two weeks email notice

Once your pass is purchased please visit our Schedule page -> Click on the class you are interested in attending -> Click "Reserve My Spot in Class!"


Berkshire Yoga Dance & Fitness  - Membership Agreement
Berkshire Yoga Dance & Fitness LLC (“BYDF”) is delighted to offer this opportunity to transform your life one breath at a time by becoming a BYDF member. Please read our Membership Agreement. Feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

Welcome to the Berkshire Yoga Dance & Fitness Community!

Membership Option
Please sign me up for a Gold Membership in the amount of $119 per month (“Membership Fee”). Our Gold Membership entitles you to eight regularly scheduled classes each month, 10% discount on the price of our workshops, series and special events, and 25% off additional drop-in passes.

Membership Agreement
This Membership Agreement (this “Agreement”) is by and between Berkshire Yoga Dance & Fitness LLC (“BYDF”) and Member for yoga and wellness services provided by BYDF in exchange for payment of a monthly or annual membership fee (the “Membership Fee”).

The parties hereby agree as follows:

(1) The first month’s membership dues are required up front with a valid credit or debit
card only and will not be refunded under any circumstances. A credit card must be left on
file upon initial membership purchase for the automatic payment plan. The Membership
fee will be automatically deducted from the credit card on file every month from the date
of purchase.

(2) Members may pause their membership for one (1) month out of every year. In such
case the one month will not count toward the Membership period but a Member will not
be able to attend classes during that month without payment. This option will only be
given when requested with 14 days prior notice by e-mail directed to [email protected]

(3) Member understands that this Agreement does not include workshops, special events or special class series.

(4) Member understands that failure on its part to regularly attend yoga classes does not relieve it of the monthly obligation to pay the membership obligation in full.

(5) Member may terminate this Agreement, or change to another Membership, with at least 14 days written notice prior to the next automatic charge against its credit card, via email to [email protected] BYDF does not accept phone, verbal, or voice mail cancellations or changes to memberships. In turn, BYDF will send a confirmation via email after the changes have been made to your membership.

(6) Member agrees to purchase the membership for the amount of the Membership Fee as
an automatic charge to its credit card, or automatic debit to its checking account, every month. Member agrees to allow BYDF to charge its credit card for the amount of the Membership Fee in accordance with this Agreement.

(7) Member hereby certifies that it is the holder of the credit card described above.
Member understands that it will be notified if its credit card fails to authorize for any
reason, and that Member will be required to pay BYDF for any amounts of the
Membership Fee which were unpaid due to the failure of its credit card to authorize for
any reason.

(8) Member understands that its membership will be deactivated if its account becomes
more than 30 calendar days late.

(9) All memberships and discounts associated with membership are for the member only.

(10) There are no rollovers or extensions of unused classes. All classes must be used within the month membership cycle that has been prepaid.

I understand that, by purchasing this membership, that I am also accepting the terms and
conditions of the BYDF Membership Agreement set forth above.

Each Payment is


Your Card Will Be Charged

Every 1 month

Membership will continue to renew until canceled.

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